Egyptian book 2


10 responses to “Egyptian book 2

  1. Good story eve. my favorite game is american Soccer!! what is your favorite game

  2. hi jack I like your book. what did you learn at your field trip. how many people in are school. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed looking at this book. I liked the use of questions as titles, with the rest of the page explaining the answer to the question. Some good picture choices too.

  4. These books are fab! Well done everyone!!

  5. This book was really intresting because i really like giggling and its good fun reading and if you want to ask me any qeustions your free to ask.

  6. I loved making this ook.

  7. I like this book very much

  8. I think all of these books are great too Eve. What do you like about this one?

  9. WOW! Cool reading stuff wish I did it.

  10. It was very fun making these books.