Egyptian book 3

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  1. Hi Megan This IS Grace From Us. And My Favorite Sport Is American Soccer . And Its Really FUN! And Bad Mitten. 😉

  2. A great flipbook, well done. You included lots of details and pictures, which made it interesting to read.

  3. This book is really useful and tells us lots about the Egyptians!! My class have just read it and we think it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Mrs Wiser

  4. These books are fab! Well done everyone!!

  5. Hi Mr Brown, i’ve seen what you have done with the book it looks really good.

  6. Wow the book looks great !

  7. Great e-book. I rearly like Natalie’s part!

  8. Cool this book looks awesome.

  9. Hi Nathan. It’s me Danny again. What you said was very educational! Please answer what I said on my blog. Just go to