Egyptian ebook

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7 responses to “Egyptian ebook

  1. Hi its Kylie again what is it like in the UK tell me about it also tell me about you do you like to swim

  2. Fabulous amount of detail in this book, well done. I particularly liked the choice of a title page inside the book and a contents page. Great features of a non fiction book. The pictures you chose were also appropriate to your writing. Well done.

  3. These books are fab! Well done everyone!!

  4. What a great e-book we made!

  5. Wow! These books are amazing. I’m really impressed by how much work you’ve done.Of course that’s because history is the best subject.

  6. Hi Kylie, thanks for looking at our book. All of our Year 3/4 classes are going swimming at the moment. When we finish our lessons we have a swimming gala – great fun!
    Mr Brown

  7. It has a good picture at the start and it is brilliant.