Wrapping the mummy

This is me wrapping a mummy  with coten and I pulled the hart out !  The girl  pulled out  the mummys brans itc was tutankhamun. Then we had LUNCH yummy.

by lauren  


10 responses to “Wrapping the mummy

  1. Hi my name is sloane i am 8 years old i have a brother that is 12 .that would be fun to warp a mummy. i have 2 dog’s named bubba and faith and 3 fish named bubble’s,mep and apple. and a hamster named twinkey love,sloane

  2. Hi Lauren my name is Lauren and I am 9 years old how old are you? I know we have something in common because we are both named Lauren, do you know what Lauren means if not then it means light! I have 2 little brothers do you have any siblings? That is cool how you made that mummy with cotton:) I live in California. Here is my blog so you can see all the new post that I make:) Do have your own computer? Do you have your own library at your school? http://kidblog.org/ThirdGradeBloggers/author/lauren774/


  3. When we where learning about egypt we mad small mumys we had one each and we made a coffin each and put the big mumy in it mayby you could make a big coffin and put your mumy in it.

  4. it sounds fun

  5. wow wow wow !!!
    was it a reall mummy.
    here is a yok about a mummy
    what did my mummy say to me when I went to bed?

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!

    by Tallulah

  7. lauren and jay

    Im 8 and I have to dogs 1 is a husky and a dalmashen
    thanks post agen soon love lauren

  8. How long did it take to wrap the leg because I did the arm.

  9. Hi,guy’s
    cool gifts it was cool wrapping a mummy!