Egyptian gods

This afternoon Mr Brown’s class have been researching Egyptian Gods. Olivia drew a wonderful picture of Amun. Comment below to tell us which God you found out about and an interesting fact.

19 responses to “Egyptian gods

  1. i,ve lerent about ra the sun god

  2. i have lernt abuot Bes he protecs snakes.

  3. mister brun what is your faovret god

  4. My god was Amun, and the inportant fact is, that Amun was one of the most powerful gods in Ancient Egypt and my other fact was, Amun was Important throughout history of ancient Egypt.

  5. Bes is a famaly God

  6. my favourite god is atum and it is the god of the exist

  7. I’v learnt that aten is the god of the sun and he has a yellow circle at the top and 12 legs.

  8. I learned about Amun

  9. i learnt that anubis is the god of embalming.

  10. Hapy is my favrote god he is the god of the innudation.

  11. I also learned about Amun

  12. Can you tell me what you learnt about Amun, Poppy and Eve?

  13. Well Jake, I like quite a few of them. My favourite is Horus because he is in the picture I bought from the auction! He also has a very cool looking falcon head. I like Bes too though!

  14. Amun was the supreme god of creation

  15. mister brun why is egypt hot

  16. I wish i was as good as you.

  17. My favoerite god is Bes he looked very funny!

    Lily moorfield school

  18. Wow that is great Olivia.

  19. Hi Olivia, that is a really good picture.