Horus statue

Well a comple of weeks ago on Thursday mornning I found a Egyptian god called Horus and he was the god of the sky.

by Mia

10 responses to “Horus statue

  1. I like your statue Mia, thanks for bringing it in for us to see. Horus is one the gods on the picture that I bought from the auction!

  2. Hi Mia,
    I’m not sure I know Horus. What did he do? Your statue is interesting. What is it made out of?

  3. Cool, That looks like fun! I would like to do that! I wish I could meet you!

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  5. hi mia you have a pretty name

    your friend’

  6. brilliant statue mia

  7. wow your good your statue is nice mia where did you get it from

  8. HI Mia, that statue is really good.Do you know what it says on it?

  9. Cool statue Mia is it really real. : -D