Egyptian cat

I made a Bastet cat on Saturday while I was waiting for the snow to come.

I made the body of card, shaped into tubes, and his head out of a ball of newspaper.

Then I covered it in newspaper and glue, then painted it when it was dry.

By Niall

28 responses to “Egyptian cat

  1. great cat Nile!

  2. WOW niall your cat is really good

  3. Very good Niall.

  4. WOW! Nial you might grow up to be a model maker! Keep it up.: )

  5. Wow Niall amazing!!

  6. that is so cool Niall!!!

  7. cool cat niall

  8. I LOVE your cat it looks very cool

  9. Dear Niall,
    Wow! That was so cool! How long did it take you to make that?
    From your blogging buddy, Yennhi N.

  10. Dear Niall,
    Your Bastet cat is awesome! I love that you
    put the instructions on it.
    From, Nicholas.

  11. Dear Moorfield,
    Who is the Egyptian cat?

  12. Dear Mr. Brown,
    What’s a bastet? And why does it say posted in Egypt? I’d like to know how to make a cat.
    From Caden

  13. Dear Niall,
    I like the Egyptian cat post a lot. It is super cool! How did you make it?
    From Lauren,

  14. Dear Moorfield School,
    I think I would like to try to make a cat can you tell me the steps please.
    But else I think the cat is really cool.
    From, Rasmus.

  15. Hi Caden,

    Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of cats, we were learning about Ancient Egypt last term. It says posted in Egypt because it is a category on our blog, we organise our posts into categories to make it easier to search. If you select Egypt from the category menu, you will see lots more of our Egyptian work. We went to a museum and made a mummy!

    Thanks for your comment!
    Mr Brown

  16. Dear Mr.Brown,
    thank you fot telling me what a bastet is.
    I bet the mummy looks great!
    From Caden

  17. Dear Niall,
    I love the post that you made
    about the Egyptian cat!
    What is a Bastet cat ?
    Was it heard to mack it?

  18. Hi this is Niall

    Really glad you liked it. It took me 2 days to make it, as I had to leave the newspaper and glue to dry. Then I had to paint it 3 times.

  19. Hello Quincy
    The Bastet Cat is the Egyptian Goddess of Cats. We were learning about Egypt in school before Christmas.

  20. Thank you. I made it using 3 different tubes, made from card. Then i made its head from rolled up newspaper. I covered it all in newspaper and glue and left it to dry. Then i painted it using blue and green paint. I used pipe cleaners for the whiskers, and found some rings to put in its nose and ear. If you need some help to make it let me know.

  21. First i made 3 tubes out of card. Then I rolled up some newspaper into a ball to make its head. I cut out some shapes for ears and stuck them on. I rolled up some newspaper into a sausage shape for the tail. Then I covered it all in newspaper and glue and left it to dry. Then I painted it with blue and green paint mixed together. I used pipe cleaners for its whiskers and found some rings to put iin its nose and ear. I painted the ears and the nose in black paint. My mum helped me paint the Egyptian eye symbol that i
    stuck on the front with a gold pipe cleaner. If you need some more help please let me know.

  22. Thank you . The Bastet Cat is the Egyptian Goddess of Cats. It wasn’t hard to make but took 2 days as I had to leave the newspaper and glue to dry and then I paint it 3 times and leave to dry.

  23. Well done Niall,
    Proud of you and your cat.
    Grand-dad and Gran

  24. Well done Nial how did you make the cat.

  25. I wish I was as good as you Niall. your cat is amazing. I bet your brother and your mom like it.

  26. I like the cat niall,Egyptiony.

    from alfie H

  27. Niall how long did it take to make it?

  28. Great cat Naill
    sounds fun how did you make it