Fantastic Polar bear Simile Poems.

Mrs Wiser’s Literacy class have been learning all about similes this week . We have created some fantastic simile poems all about polar bears. Niamh’s poem was outstanding. We thought you might like to read it.

What are you like Polar Bear?

I am as white as ice as cold as a snowman, as hungry as you.

I am as big as a giant, as white as snow, as vicous as a viking.

How come you don’t know?

I am as pretty asswans, as trspped as a slave an I will never behave.

Please , oh please polar bear can you tell me more?

I am as smooth as a baby, and i dream on a midnight star. But soon I maybe gone and ill be no more.

11 responses to “Fantastic Polar bear Simile Poems.

  1. Wow. What a fantastic poem Niamh. I love your similes!

  2. I love your peom its great I’m glad you now so much about polar bears.

  3. Thank you for sharing your poem with me yesterday morning, Niamh. You certainly know how to use similes!

  4. well done your fab!

  5. hannah caldicott

    Wow Niamh I wish I wish I could be you.

    I wish I knew poems like you.


  6. i love your similies niamh they are great

  7. Dear, Niamh
    I love your simlies!!!!!! Here is one of my simlies Looking through a window
    is like looking through a Crystals.
    From, Sebastian in A.G. Bell

  8. Dear Lucy
    Hi my is Luke I saw your post.if you can please
    From Luke

  9. Dear Mr. Brown,
    I think your blog is really cool.
    I also have my own poem:
    What are you like polar bear?
    I am as white as a polar bear, as strong as an elephant, and as tall as a camel.
    Grace 😀

  10. Hi Grace,

    I’m glad you like the blog! We are really enjoying writing about what we are doing. Thanks for your Polar bear poem, I am going to show it to my class!

    Mr Brown