My letter from Sandringham House

Yesterday I reciveied a letter and it was from one of the Queen’s lady in waiting I wrote to the Queen because I was intreasted in J.M Barrie one of my favourite  authors. I read on wikipedia that J.M Barrie used to read to The Queen and Princess Margret So I wrote to her to see if she could tell me  any facts. Also the lady in waiting put in a leaflet about the Queen’s life an intresting fact is her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary .The lady in waiting wrote the letter the day before yesterday which was the 7th of February.  By Eve

7 responses to “My letter from Sandringham House

  1. I have never wrote to the Queen before, You must really like J.M Barrie!!I would like to write a letter to the Queen.Before Christmas you brought them J.M Barrie books into school to show our class and you also told our class about the J.M Barrie books.You probably got a lot off facts off the Queen!!It was really good that you wrote to the Queen and the in waiting lady wrote back to you.!

    From Lily

  2. I’ve never wrote to the queen but I’ve past Buckingham Palace. I would have been so excited to get a lettter from the queen.

  3. Wow, Eve! How very exciting! I’m so pleased that you got a letter back!

  4. Wow Eve I wish I could write to the Queen and get a letter back!Where you socked when you got a letter back.

  5. Wow, Eve that must of been amazing though ive never heard of J.M Barrie

  6. wow eve that is a lot of work!
    p.s well done

  7. i am very inpressed eve you are a very smart girl and brave writing to the Queen i wonder if i could see then books because that would make my day