Multiplication animation

Today we have been making animation. We had to move the cubes to make arrays of our two times tables. We had lots of fun and has to say “action” when we were ready to take a picture.

By Fin and Katie

5 responses to “Multiplication animation

  1. You certainly need to be patient to be an animator! Another group have had a go and we are up to 4 x 2 so far! Another group have started the 3x’s table on the iPad. I was very pleased to see you all working together so well – can’t wait to see the final film!

  2. the animation looks fun.

  3. You produced some fantastic animations – well done I am very impressed!

  4. You must have put so much effort into this well done

  5. You must of had fun making your animations.What was the hardest bit about making your animations?