Megan’s 100wc wk29

Secret Mystery!
One marvellous,sunny morning Sophia and Rachel went to the cafe to get a cake.It had pink icing.After they they had there cake,they went to the woods.Sophia and Rachel built a little den.They always went there.It had seats and there was food.They were walking through the woods and there was a door! There was also a note.It said whoever finds this open the door,so they did.They fell through a black hole.In front of them was a castle. The birds were chirping noisily. One flew in front of them.They saw a dragon come towards them!


3 responses to “Megan’s 100wc wk29

  1. All of your sentences are punctuated correctly and you have used ‘!’ and ‘,’ accurately. I love the ending as well – a cliffhanger…..

  2. Alissa from Colorado

    I’m from Colorado and my name is Alissa. Great job using all of the wonderful words in such a interesting story. Just make sure to keep the story in order and make sence because out of it all the story went from a beautiful; bakery to a dim cave it didn’t really make sence to me. But great job in adjectives. Will there be a part two of your story?

  3. Hi Megan, this a very confident piece of writing and I enjoyed the slight randomness of the anecdote, which reflected the random choice of words. Try to rememeber to use the right “their” for “their cake”.