Quadblogging – Week 3

This week we are blogging with a Year 3/4 class in Halswell School in New Zealand! Click here to visit their blog.

New Zealand is nearly 12,000 miles away! There is a BIG time difference between the UK and New Zealand. Halswell is near Christchurch and on the South Island of New Zealand. I used to live in Auckland, which is in the North Island.

3 responses to “Quadblogging – Week 3

  1. There is a bird called the Kiwi from New Zealand. – Ben
    There is two islands called the North and South. Jay
    The Rugby is called the All Blacks and do the Haka. Alfie
    The time is about 12 hours ahead. Lucy
    Mr Brown and Mrs Haynes used to live in Auckland (at different times!)
    All Blacks beat France in the World Cup.
    The man who climbed Mount Everest (Edmund Hilary) was from New Zealand.
    Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. There is a town called Wellington in Shropshire as well.
    Mount Cook is in New Zealand and is 3753 m tall.
    New Zealand is 1600km from New Zealand

  2. Hi Moorfield Primary!

    Thank you for your comments! We enjoyed reading them and were impressed with how many facts you knew about NZ!!
    That is cool that you used to live here Mr Brown.
    We are looking forward to checking out more of your website this week!

    Room 18 🙂

  3. Kia ora Room 18!
    We know even more about New Zealand now, but we have found it hard to leave comments on your blog using our school computers. We’ve been looking at some books and finding out about the Haka!
    Mr Brown’s class