Fantastic footballers

On Saturday Henry and Tom went to a Nova presentation day.Henry was awarded Player of the season.Tom was awarded most improved player.To get the player of the season everyone had to vote for a player,whoever got the most votes won.Henry and Tom play in the under 9s nova green.


6 responses to “Fantastic footballers

  1. wow you must be really good to win player of the season and most inproved player.

  2. Dear Tom and Henry,
    I am glad you won those trophies you both deserved it. The people that didnt get a trophie they still are really good.I got one too.I got player of the season.

  3. Wow you two must be pretty good footballers
    Mia Moorfield school

  4. was it hard?Congratulations.

  5. Dear tom and henry,
    WOW you must be good footballers to get that many trophies. well done boys.

    was it hard work to get the trophies?
    What football teams do you suport?

    It looks like in the future you might both be famous footballers. Well done boys.

  6. Well done boys I think you could be playing for England when the world cup is next on