Base 3 go to Adams Grammar School

Lauren: I made this post on one of the Adams Grammar computers and I am making this so I can remember this visit.

Lucy: Today we went to adams grammar to go on the computers and go on the blog.It is really fun and we got to meet mr Chapman.

4 responses to “Base 3 go to Adams Grammar School

  1. We must say a big ‘Thank You’ to Mr Chapman for letting us use their ICT equipment. Everyone was very patient when the internet stopped working, I hope it’s working next time!

  2. Jacob looks like he’s focusing hope you had a good time

  3. I did like it even when the computers did’nt work.

  4. Wow they are cool computers! What were you doing on them? How many computers do you have in your class? We have got 3 mini laptops. Is anyone in your class going to go to the Olympics in London? How long does it take for you to get to London?
    Sam, Jakob, Seamus and Angus
    Room 18