Billy’s fantastic Olympic T shirt!

I have made a great Olympic shirt. I have put mascots and big Ben on my shirt. I have put on olypmpic ring.



13 responses to “Billy’s fantastic Olympic T shirt!

  1. Baylee-Rose!

    Wow Billy that is a amazing Tee. I really like the Olympic Rings on it!
    From Baylee-Rose

  2. well done billy.

  3. Fantastic T Shirt Billy – well done – Mrs Haynes

  4. it’s a really good T shirt billy

  5. Wow Billy that T shirt looks great.

  6. Hi Billy that is a amazing t-shirt.What is your favourite bit about your t-shirt.

  7. Dear Billy,

    you should be really proud of your self, in the future you you might be a t.shirt desginer.

  8. Dear Billy
    I think your t-shirt is really good.
    from justine

  9. Wow Billy!

    I like your T-Shirt, I like the back of it!

  10. Amazing Tshirt Billy!

  11. Awsome t shirt Billy Nice big ben and olympic rings. Billy c

  12. Wow Billy,
    Great T-shirt. It’s much better than mine. Your really good at art. WELL DONE!!!:D

  13. WOW! Looks fab!!!!!!!