Ben’s Olympic stadium

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I made an olympic stadium it took me from the 17th to the 20th. It was hard work but I did it :D. I made it out of lego ;). I enjoyed  makeing it. 😛

I made it for the animation we will do.

By Ben 🙂

12 responses to “Ben’s Olympic stadium

  1. Nice olympic stadim

  2. I like your sadium:-)

  3. cool stadium ben I hope that your animation goes well.

  4. Ben, I love the Olympic stadium! I have had to resist the urge to play with it!

  5. Sam would probably like it.
    I think it’s great

  6. katie ( poplar greenfields)

    wow great stadium looks ace and i like the idea that you made it out of lego 🙂

  7. wow I’m amazed Ben I Couldn’t do that in 3 days.

  8. Pav (poplar class)

    wow Ben that is really cool 🙂 ! Do you know how many pieces it took to build? You also mentiond something about an animation, what is it about.

    P.S I love animations.

  9. Wow Ben I couldn’t be leave my eye’s it’s an ace stadium I bet I couldn’t do that in a million years so great work and you’ve got better lego skill’s then I have so keep the good work up because I would like to be like you with your amazing talent you have so great work Ben from gaby GREAT WORK!

  10. The animation is going to be done this week. hopfuly I can put I animation on the blog! 🙂 I used about 59 bloks ;)!

  11. Thankyou Gaby !

  12. I bet you can 😉 😛