Brilliant British Breaker

Alfie and Amy wrote and presented this super video biography of Lord Sebastian Coe.
We’d love to know what you think about it!

11 responses to “Brilliant British Breaker

  1. Alfie and Amy – this is ACE! Well done

  2. WOW! Thats amazing you put loads of good imformation into it and you spoke loudly and have loads of good pictures – Well done!

  3. I liked the backgrounds and the writing

  4. To Amy and Alfie
    WOW!I like the way you set out the picturs and writing.Your recording is good and both of you have loud voices.Welldone.

  5. To Amy and Alfie
    I l ike the way you used speech marks and macthed the pictures to the words.

  6. Yours is really good;) Welldone Alfie and Amy!

  7. it was great fun making them Amy was a great partner thank you for all the good comments

  8. I think your biography was very good.I like your pictures and effects.

  9. poppy and alfie

    this is a very good presentation Alfie and Amy.I loved it because you didn’t have to much writing or pictures which makes it perfect I guess.I also liked how intresting it was!

  10. What a fantastic piece of writing you have done there. I like all of your piece of writing Amy and Alfie. Well done!!

  11. That was great! I liked the way you narrated it and the special effects were brilliant! Overall, it was awesome!