Mascot dance

We have been making up a dance for the Olympic opening ceremony in dance today. We started by watching Wenlock and Mandeville, then we added our own ideas. We included moves from some of the Olympic sports and the Olympic rings. We had great fun. Our dances were performed to reach for the stars. Why not have a go at making up your own dance at home.




6 responses to “Mascot dance

  1. WOW! it looks great

  2. liam and marco

    base 6 wow that is amazing it must of tuck a long time

  3. Baylee-Rose

    Looks really good, I think that you look really good on these pictures.

  4. That sounds fun! If you do it again, maybe you could do a mascot dance to a different piece of music. I am going to make a mascot dance at home with a friend so we can perform it together!

  5. i really enjoyed doing this

  6. That looks fun.I wish is was there that day!!!