The Olympic Torch

Yesterday the Olympic torch came past are school.The person who was carrying the torch was called Rachel.Moorfield did a cycling race in town and are school came 3rd .Some of the people got to hold the torch. There were 3 lorries  coca cola ,samsung, loyds.

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bY Amelia

13 responses to “The Olympic Torch

  1. The olympic torch was amazing! I was at the front

  2. Baylee-Rose

    Wow! I loved watching the torch come pass the Barley, I got to high-five Rachel.

  3. Hannah, Amelia

    On the back of the samsung van there was TINY TEMPHA

  4. abbie and jodie and willam


  5. Wen Rachel came past with the touch she looked really happy.

  6. liam and marco

    It was cool

  7. tom
    wow I can’t beleve we saw the Olympic torch.(But we did have to wait a long long time

  8. Becky page

    I liked it very much and it was icsiting.

  9. my legs was acing like an old man back
    by daisy owen

  10. Thats what damien said at sport relif!

  11. The Olympic Torch.
    By Kathryn. Year 3 Base 3.

    On Wednesday, May 30th 2012, the fantastic Olympic Torch came passed our school. The torch was carried by Charlotte Forrester, aged 15. Charlotte attends the Sir Graham Balfour High School in Stafford. She was nominated to carry the Olympic Torch by her PE teacher Simon Trenbirth, in April 2011.
    ‘’Charlotte adores playing and taking part in many sports including basketball, netball and athletics. As well as participating in these sports, she enjoys taking the role of a sports leader. Throughout the year, she enjoys running lots of events such as sports days for local primary school students, and indoor athletics meetings.’’
    Charlotte says: “Being chosen to carry the Olympic Torch is absolutely amazing, I am very proud and honoured to have been chosen. I am so excited, I can’t wait!”
    Simon described Charlotte as “the politest, most helpful and inspirational person for younger people.”
    Our whole school made Olympic buntings to place outside the school building in order to celebrate the torch coming past our school.
    We also made huge flags for each ‘base’ within our school, which were also hung outside our school, on the relay route. In base 3, we got some fabric and cut some drawings of the Olympic events, which we then stuck onto the fabric flag.
    Just before the torch came past we put all of different class’s flags outside the school on the bush that goes along the road. Our class was the only one to use fabric on our flag. Some bases drew Olympic pictures on their flags, and some drew huge Union Jack’s and coloured then in the right colours.
    We were very lucky that our school was an Olympic Torch stopping point where the torch actually went inside our school. Some children and teacher’s held the Olympic torch; which was something they will never forget. When the torch relay began again, and it came past our school we were all so excited. We will never forget this event which is a piece of history.

  12. The Olympic Torch
    By Poppy Base 3
    On Wednesday 30th May 2012 the Olympic torch came past our school.
    It was really exciting because for the last few weeks we had been looking forward to it ,as we had been making things to celebrate this special day.Some of the children were very lucky to hold the Olympic torch and get there photo taken! Some of the people say it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.In school we made bunting to go outside the school to celebrate, we also made a flag with all of our classes work on it, all of our class worked very hard .We made a T-Shirt to wear, while the torch was coming past,all of the T-Shirts were very decorative.We made glittery medals on paper aswell, it was extremely fun because it was the first time I had used the glitter!
    I’m sure I will remember that day when the Olympic torch came past.
    Thank you for listening!
    By Poppy.