Olympic animations


This afternoon two groups have been busy making their Olympic animations using I can animate. We added sound and titles using iMovie. Let us know what you think of the finished video!


17 responses to “Olympic animations

  1. very good I personly like the lego you could be a great creator. ;]

  2. We love your lego animation!!!! We think you are very clever to have made that!! 🙂
    Room 18, Halswell

  3. Well done to both groups. You need a huge amount of patience to make a stop motion animation! I’m very impressed with the way you have all worked together to create these videos.

  4. It took a lot of hard work to bild the stadoim and creat the animation but i think it was worth it i had fun B)!!!!

  5. Great animation Ben. It must of took lots of hard work. Your great at making lego. Keep going and you might turn out to be a future logo land manager.:D

  6. it was cool man i liked the monkey sound

  7. Wow Ben,
    I wish I can do that animation as well as you and the other guys!
    I realy want to be in tour animation groap!

  8. It was really good fun I enjoyed it loads although it took a long time. It was so fun because it looks good at the end. 🙂

  9. That was really good and nice staidiam.

  10. can’t wait for when i make mine!
    (Hope it is as good at yours)

  11. good animation Ben how did you make the stadium?

  12. I like the animation and it was funny

  13. Cool animation how did you make it its really good.

  14. Wow! I think that you to could make 100s of animations you are that good well done!

  15. I loved your animation!!
    WELL DONE!!!

  16. I made it from scratch out of lego. with a lego pin bord ;).

  17. WOW that is great it must of taken you a long time to take all them pictures, and the monkey is really funny. Well done.