Fabulous Dame Kelly Holmes!

Megan and Jerusha wrote and narrated this fabulous video biography of Dame Kelly Holmes using Keynote. We’d love to know what you think of it!

13 responses to “Fabulous Dame Kelly Holmes!

  1. Great narration girls, you have put a lot of expression into your voices! I also like the transitions you used in Keynote – it looks like you are turning the pages. Well done.

  2. I love the you used expression on the video on keynote called Dame Kelly Holmes.


    i liked your presations about kelly homes

  4. That biography was very good.What was your favourite bit about making it.

  5. Olivia and Mia

    Dear jerusha and megan,

    your biography is brill we loved all the effects and there was lots of intresting facts. Well done girls.

    Olivia and Mia.

  6. Brilliant video Megan and Jerusha. Your really good at making keynote’s!:)

  7. That was fantastic.I really enjoyed it and loved.

  8. Well done Megan and jerusha

  9. Wow Megan and Jerusha!!

    I wish I could do that slide show if I was one of your partners!

  10. Maia and Eve

    WOW! This was amazing. We liked pics.

  11. Good presenting and there was some really good facts

  12. I loved the efects with the animation I also love the information about Dame Kelly Holmes From Erin and Mia

  13. Amber and Isobel

    we really liked it and think that you put loads of facts and effet into it !