Super Sir Steve Redgrave

Charlie and Poppy made this great video biography about the one and only Sir Steve Redgrave. They’ve included some very interesting facts, so watch the video and let us know what you think!

9 responses to “Super Sir Steve Redgrave

  1. What a great narration you two. You are the only researchers who found out what football team Sir Steve supports. Did you know he is visiting Phoenix School in Telford?

  2. wow thats a really good biography

  3. Amber and Kathryn

    WOW! You have put a lot of effort in to it we love it well done!


    we loved the post of redgrave 😉 😛 :D.

  5. like your post

  6. cool post 😉 =D

  7. well done Charlie and Poppy that is great

  8. Thankyou everyone it was really fun to make our biography I enjoyed it I think Charlie did aswell !

  9. I think you put in a lot of work to make that biography. Well done!