Greatest Decathlete, Daley Thompson


Henry wrote this biography on Daley Thompson on the iPad, using the Book Creator app. We’d love your comments.

12 responses to “Greatest Decathlete, Daley Thompson

  1. it is great

  2. I like your book

  3. wow its amazing

  4. To Henry
    WOW! Your book has loads of information that i did’nt know.That is amazing book. Welldone!
    From Megan

  5. Amy and kathryn

    Well done Henry!
    You have put a lot of effort in your piece of writing!

  6. That was GREAT!! So much information in that! You put great adjectives in that. Well done!

  7. i liked it because it has a lot of information in

  8. Great book Henry. I never knew that Daley Thompson got chose to reprisent Britain in the olympics when he was 16!

    From Jorge H

  9. interesting facts henry.

  10. Justine and jemima

    Henry your book is amazing! how long did it take you to make it?

  11. Thank you for all the comments.It took me 7 days to complete the book.

  12. You were very patient with the iPad whilst it was overheating Henry. Great job with the biography – lots of interesting facts!