My Second Cousins Gold Medle

In 2000 my second cousin rowed in the Men’s Eight at the Sydney Olympics. He was in the black boat but the actual colour of the boat is light blue. He won a awseme gold medle and I got to hold the gold medle. His name is Keiran West and I would like to say thank you to him for lenden the medle to me.

By Dayton


8 responses to “My Second Cousins Gold Medle

  1. WAW a really gold medal. Dayton you must be proud of your cousin.

  2. awsome video Dayton

  3. Wow!Your second cousin won a really gold medal.I bet your proud of him.

  4. WOW Dayton you must be very lucky to have a second cousin who has won a real gold medal.

  5. Nice one Dayton, pretty cool video and awesome gold medal.

  6. WOW Dayton your second cousin must be good about rowing!

  7. It was very kind of Kieran to let you borrow his medal, especially after all the work that went into winning it! I’ve never seen one before, so it was a fantastic opportunity that we were very lucky to get! I couldn’t believe how heavy it was!

  8. Wow dayton your second cousin must be good at rowing!