Surprising Sports day

Sports Day was held in Moorfield in, Shropshire, Newport. This happened on the 25/6/2012.

We also had the cake store, but, we had to do the Flashmob. Just because we had to practice, practice, practice. But practice makes perfect.

When we arrived at the playfield, parents started arriving with teachers asking patiently wether the parents & carers if they could sit down .

After that, ks1 started their own Sports Day. It was a little bit funny. ks2 was even more funnier!

The funny part was when I, Jerusha, accidently pushed off the police helmet of my head but again & again it kept on falling off but I didn’t like it at all.

There are some sports which come from the olympics like pole vault, hurdles, shot put & tennis.


3 responses to “Surprising Sports day

  1. that is so amazing

  2. welldone, you are all great at sports!!

  3. so who won the cup?
    was it:
    or saphire.