Baby Bird!!

Over the weekend my Auntie came round and we were about to go to a fair when we spotted a baby bird sitting on some fallen over plant pots.We didn’t know what to do. So me and my brother ran to the garage and got our cat cage. Then we put it in the cat cage and when the bird was in the cat cage my Auntie tried to look at the bird under it’s wing because it was bleeding and it kept on flapping it wings so I thought we should call him/her flappy! My mom called the RSPCA but they suggested we take Flappy (the bird) to a rescue centre that is about 15 minutes away from where I live. I went to the rescue centre in my PJ’s:D! When we got there a dog smelled my dressing gown.We took Flappy into the place with all the animals that don’t like the cold and one of the workers took Flappy out of the cat cage and also looked under Flappy’s wings and saw a very bad scab that needed  treatments. When we were going back home it was again meant to take 15 minutes but we got lost.

By Jorge 🙂

7 responses to “Baby Bird!!

  1. very good 🙂

  2. cool mate! I whish i was there man!!

  3. You were so animal friendly to that poor bird.I am on the eco committee and I’m ever so glad to see you are helping the animal life

  4. Ooh it must of been exe tin finding a baby bird, was it cute?

  5. You found a baby bird where was it?

  6. Isabel and justine

    wow Jorge you must really care for birds.What did it feel like.

  7. Wow Jorge!!
    I wish I could see a baby bird.
    What sort of bird was it?
    How close did you get to it?
    Did you spot it did your Auntie spot it?