Euro Finals

On the first of July it was the european championship finals between Spain and Italy, the score was 4-0 to Spain. Although Spain won they were technically Europe’s best because they were world champions 2010. The host countries were Ukraine and Poland the stadium was in Ukraine. England were very good and managed to get into the Quarter Finals.

5 responses to “Euro Finals

  1. to bad england were out

  2. Justine and Isabel

    Nathan and Jay I like your post about the Euro finals.To bad England went out.Did you enjoy the game?

  3. I enjoyed watching the final last night and I enjoyed reading you post. Great job you two. I wonder if you can remember who scored the goals for Spain?

  4. Yes, thank you Justine and Isabel it was very exiting.

  5. I thought Spain played very well. Fernando Torres did very well with his goals. David Silva and Jordi Alba scored some goals as well.