Gymnastics compitition!

Yestday I did a Gymnastics compitition at Park and Wrekin College in Wellington. Loads of people went. Only some people got medals though and I wasn’t one of them, I didn’t get a medal. Some people out of my class got one and came aswell. The things that I did were volt routine and the thing I did in volt routine was handstand flatback and for floor routine I did a whole routine. I loved doing it again and love to do it next time.

By Georgina!

4 responses to “Gymnastics compitition!

  1. Great work Georgina I’m sure you worked very hard in that competition very very well done

  2. Justine and Isabel

    Wow Georgina you must be a really good gymnast i would love to be as good as you.

  3. Well done
    you did really good

  4. Congratulations on your competition Georgina, it sounds like you work very hard at Gymnastics.