Justine’s Jolly Jubilee!

1st church aston brownies  wrote a letter to the queen about her special jubilee.We each got a copy  from the queen.The lady in waiting wrote the letter because the queen was to busy.We got some pictures of her life.I am going to keep this letter from the queen because when I am older and I have got children  I will show  them the letter from the queen.I am going to keep this precious letter.The letter 1st church aston brownies sent the queen was when we had to draw a portrait of are self.The letter had lots of information on it.On the letter it had a stamp of buckingham palace on it.The queen was very happy that we wrote to her.The queen is a really nice lady she is a kind and thoughtful lady.My Dad has cooked for the queen.

By Justine and Izzy

5 responses to “Justine’s Jolly Jubilee!

  1. joshua&eve

    cool you can see the Queen it must be exited.

  2. Wow Justine!! I wish I could have a letter from the Queen to go and see her.

    Did all the other people from brownies have a letter from the Queen aswell?

  3. That’s great Justine, it goes to show it is worth writing to the Queen, as Eve got a letter back too! I would love to see your letter, if you bring it in you can add a photo of it.

  4. To Georgina everyone from brownies got a letter from the queen.

  5. it must have been excting getting a letter from the queen wow.