The Queens Diamond Jubilee!!

The Queen has been on the throne for 60 Years, the Golden Jubilee is 50 and the Silver Jubilee is 25 years. She was the age of 27 when she was crowned Queen. The Queen’s sons are Prince Harry, Prince Edward and Prince Charles.The Queens husband is Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queens daughters are Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice. She has 5 children.

By Kathryn and George.

4 responses to “The Queens Diamond Jubilee!!

  1. Wow there really interesting facts about the Royal Family:-

  2. You know loads about the Queen wish i did.

  3. You certainly know a lot about the Queen Kathryn. A very interesting post. Here is a fact for you – I was born in the year of the Silver Jubilee.

  4. george and kathryn

    That is very interesting because the the Silver Jubilee is a big thing.