The Lighthouse by Eve

One day there was a lighthouse. The shiny , bright light was Towering over the small wide village. People in the village were having a party but the lighthouse keeper was unhappy the lighthouse was as white as ice. one day when the lighthouse keeper was writing a letter to the villagers. the light in the lighthouse broke Oh No! he heard a noise. Alarmed , frightened , terrified the lighthouse keeper heard a creaking , cracking noise. He rushed like the wind to fix it but he tripped over his tool box oh he was also worried because a ship was at the sea.

Fontunately everyone in the village came to help him. the lighthouse keeper and the villagers were happy once again.

By Eve

3 responses to “The Lighthouse by Eve

  1. I like your 3ed sentence Eve – I particularly like the way the emotions get worse! I also think ‘rushed like the wind’ creates a powerful image. I would like to have seen a bit more description of what went wrong, but you have described the scene really well.

  2. I like the exciting words you used and the senetences.

  3. Wow! Great 3ed sentence Eve. Brilliant work