The lighthouse by Justine

One day a grumpy old lighthouse keeper who was a lonely lighthouse keeper.The lighthouse is up on the top, of a very crooked, ragged, cliff. One very dark, gloomy, night the villagers were having a party, and when ever the light of the lighthouse went round over the top of the tiny village, the villagers cheered. Frightened, scared, concerned, as he raced up the spiral stairs.

Suddenly the light of the lighthouse went out. The old man shot from is chair and ran all the way up the spiral stairs to the top of the lighthouse. The grumpy old man looked into the bulb cover and the bulb had dissapered! The lighthouse keeper took the cover off the light bulb and he tripped over his tool box and he light bulb cover shattered on the floor. Worried,shocked,as he ran up to the top of the lighthouse.

All the the villagers came to help him and they came with lanterns, that gave a smile on the old mans face.The boat did not crash into the cliff.

The end by Justine

6 responses to “The lighthouse by Justine

  1. Brendan and Jemima

    Justine your story is absoutloutly faboulous honestly! We will give that 10 out of 10!

  2. I can see you have put a great deal of thought into your descriptive words Justine. I like the ‘crooked, ragged cliff’ a lot.

  3. I like your adjectives and the word you used.

  4. i like the way you described the old man at the start

  5. WOW! You really thought about the punctuation were you need to put all of the punctuation. Its all in the right place.You retold the story really well. Well done

  6. Olivia and Mia

    We like your adjectives and we love your 3ed sentences because it is describing how the lighthouse keeper is feeling.