The lighthouse by Mia.

One cold night there was a grumpy,old,boring lighthouse keeper.On the same night the villages were cheering and  the blue, freezing sea was crashing and bashing against the sharp, pointy rocks.In the lighthouse was the keeper all alone.

Suddenly the light went out and all the villages stopped cheering.The lighthouse keeper got of his chair and and went up the spiral stairs with his lamp and his tool  box to try and fix the light.

When he got to the top he looker inside the light.Then he tripped over his tool box and smashes the light.Concerned,distressed,troubled,when he heard the ship coming.

Then he had an idea to rush down the spiral stairs and to open the door to see if the villages were coming to help.When the villages came to the lighthouse the crotchety,dull lighthouse keeper let some of the villages in the lighthouse and the others standing around on the cliff.At the end they saved the ship because it saw the light.

7 responses to “The lighthouse by Mia.

  1. Isabel and Amber

    Good story Mia I like the word you used.

  2. Which word do you like girls? Crotchety is a very good one!

  3. I loved your story Mia.

  4. this story is really good mia I LOVE IT!!

  5. Baylee-Rose

    Mia i really liked your adjectives, you used them in just the right places.

  6. what a brilliant story Mia! Hmm..? I think you should type some more stories some day.

  7. I love your story because it has lots of 2a and 4a sentences. It is good because you have described the lighthouse.