The Lighthouse by Natalie

The Lighthouse
One day many years back , there was a light house.In there lived an old , bad tempered man called grumpy Gary.out in the village lived party people cheering when the light came round.The pircing , load villigers cheered which annoyedthe sulky , elderly man.This lighthouse was coloured stone grey.It awas toweringly
tall on the eddge of a tough , rocky cliff.

sudenly . . . there was a big BANG , the light had gone out.Stressed , troubled , concerned , Gary wondered what to do. He ran up the spiral staires to check the light , but he picked the light up and he tripped over the tool box , the light had smashed . . .

A boat came , waht could he do ? Gary ran down the staires and opened the door , the villagers had brought all there lightes to guide the boat away. The boat had gone and the villagers helped saved the day.
The End

One response to “The Lighthouse by Natalie

  1. Some great ideas Natalie – I love the way you used a question and ellipsis. I can also see you have chosen some really powerful words – ‘piercingly loud’ is great. Remember to check your work for CL.