The lighthouse By Olivia.

Once upon a time their was a lighthouse, the lighthouse looked gloomy and dark, the light house stood on a cliff as still as a statue. Jolly, delighted, cheerful, the people in the pups were cheering each time the light went round. There lived a grumpy, old man in the lighthouse, he was trying to right a letter but he couldn’t because the people in the pups were making to much noise. Gloomy, dark,spooky, the lighthouse stood still as the sea crashed  against the cliff. Then the man had anoth, so he slammed the window as hard as he could.

Suddenly the old man heard this BANG! The window flow open and the mans candle went out so he got of his chair and he tripped of some talls. He lit his lantin so he could see better, then he went  to see what has happened. He went rushing up the stairs as fast as a cheater. He got to the top of the stairs and he looked what was rong and he looked very closely at the machine and he noticed that the bulb has gone out. He went into the other room what had the bulb in. Panking the grumpy man looked out of the window and there was a ship heading towards the lighthouse.

The old man picked up the light bulb and he stepped backwards and he tripped over some other talls and he broked the light bulb, he noticed that the ship was coming closer.He went rushing back down the stairs. He opened the front door of the lighthouse… delighted, estated, pleased, the town had helped the ship survive by living their lantins and they stud on the lighthouse. The ship went heading  of somewhere els. The lighthouse lived happily ever after.


By Olivia.

13 responses to “The lighthouse By Olivia.

  1. nice story really like it

  2. very nice story that sounds like id want to read it so i did

  3. your story is AMAZE olivia i wish i had a story like that.

  4. I like your story.It is very good and exciting.I like your bang in the bold letters.

  5. WOW! Nice story. You should be a author when you grow up. Its really good.

  6. great story fab sentences.

  7. Justine and megan T

    your story is really good it must have took a long time to make.

  8. Jessica and Nathan

    Olivia this is just fab description i wish i could have this story. Its FAB!

  9. yes it did take me a long time.

  10. Thank you for commenting marco.

  11. very cool senences!

  12. Alfie and Georgina

    i liked your story because it had description and cl and fs
    you could improve on paragraphs

  13. Olivia and Mia

    I like your adjectives and i love the 3ed sentences.