Lighthouse By Jack

One day  there was a lighthouse. It was a lighthouse with a bright,shinning light by the sharp,jagged rocks.When the light goes round all the villagers cheered (yeah). In the lighthouse there was a grumpy,old man. The old man when the villagers cheered the man slammed the window shut. The bright,shiny light brightened up the dull,gloomy sky. But then suddenly the lighthouse went out.

So the old man went sprinting up the spiral staircase then,he realized that the bulb was gone. He picked up his tools but he fell over and saw a boat coming and rushed down stairs. Then he saw that the villagers have came with lights so the boat steered away safley

The End

20 responses to “Lighthouse By Jack

  1. i really like your story jack and i think you put lots of effort into it.

  2. I like your story and I like when you put but then suddenly the lighthouse went out.

  3. that post is so cool jack I’m so jealous

  4. You have a brillant story Jack

  5. i liked that you used punctuation

  6. Your choice of words was very good,I thought the sentences were amazing.

  7. wow you have described lots of things.

  8. good ajectives – well done

  9. Great like it how you wrote “Then he saw villagers have came with lights so the boat steered away safely.” I think think it’s great how you used the word safely because that word is very safe!

    From Jorge !)

  10. I liked your lighthouse because of the amazing adjectives.

  11. I like your story. Its got lots of good sentences with amazing description.

  12. That is a good story because it is not too long.

  13. Jack i like the way you put in brackets ‘yeah’ in them. I almost made me think about the men shouting in my head!

  14. Great effort Jack, well done for using commas in your sentences. Keep up the good work.

  15. Good effort Jack!

  16. Excellent ajectives and good sentences.

  17. I loved your story because it had lots of 2a sentences describing what the lighthouse is like. well done.

  18. Thankyou Mr Smith for your fan comment.

  19. thank you olivia for your great comment

  20. Thank you dalezhere for your great comment