The lighthouse By Amy

One dark, gloomy night a grumpy, old man was looking after a lighthouse because                       he’s a lighthouse keeper.That night the man was writing a letter, he was getting distracted by a crowd of people in the pub.The men were cheering every time the light went round.

The man got angry at the men and slammed the window that he had open, SUDDENLY… The man heard a bang then a clunk.The light had gone out! The man was curious what the noise was so he picked up is tool bow and when to investigate.He placed the tool box behind him and looked for the bulb but it was no where to be found.

The man picked up the glass bulb case walked back and… He tripped over the tool  box.There was a noise a choo, choo noise it was coming from a boat.The terrified, worried man sprant down the spiral staircase opened the door to see how far away the the boat was.

Running to the lighthouse, the villages pleased the old man with lots of light to light up the lighthouse.Hundreds  of men came to the lighthouse, all the people were smiling even including the man.The relived, glad people stood around the lighthouse. By Amy.

16 responses to “The lighthouse By Amy

  1. Some great description Amy – I can see you have thought carefully about which words to use.

  2. I love how you tried to use adjectives to describe the night & the old man.

  3. I like your story.I like your sentences and I like your word use.

  4. I read this through,and I thought it was amazing!Your choice of words was fabulous.Great description as well.

  5. I thought your story brillz amy what was that big space for at the start?!?

  6. Wow amy yours is really good 🙂

  7. That is a great story, Amy. I like the part where you’ve put ‘nowhere to be found’.

  8. WOW! Amy your is exellent i think you put loads of effort into it- Well done!

  9. Great story, you should become an author.

  10. Wow I like your adjectives. I think you put a lot of effort into your story! well done

  11. Wow Amy I love your story because it has got loads of lovely adjectives in it! From Georgina!: ) ; D

  12. Great work Amy. I think your story is great. you have put a lot of effort in. WOW!!!!!!

  13. Amy what a brilliant story that you have typed!

  14. Thanks for all the great comments I’ll comment on yours to.

  15. Well done Amy!! That is a fantastic lighthouse story. You have spelt two words wrong. I will be commenting on some of your other posts as well.

  16. i like SUDDENLY! why is there a gap ? apart from that it is amazing!