What we did afternoon.

Today in the afternoon we had the MacBooks and we had to make a Olympic poster about a sport what is in the Olympics. We chose the sport triathlon. All the class made posters we had to do facts about the sport, what is the sport, and what day does the sport start. We went on a website to find facts and pictures there was brilliant pictures of the swimming people diving, we all had fun doing are posters.

Triathlon Mia & Eve

By Olivia and Mia.

3 responses to “What we did afternoon.

  1. This is one of my favourite times of the year because it’s based on the Olympic’s and you know the Olympic’s is coming up soon so it’s fun finding out information on it.

  2. I really enjoyed making these posters on Friday, You have done a great job of giving us some more information about the Triathlon.

  3. I really liked reading it because it had a lot of punctuation in it.And lots of information.