The Lighthouse. By Ella.

A long time ago, above a little town, there was a stone, white lighthouse. The lighthouse was on a cliff-top. Fierce, roaring waves crashed against the rough, dangerous cliff-face. Glowing brightly, the beam of light revolved round and round gently. Every time the beam swung round, people in the village cheered and shouted “Wahay! *swoosh* Wahay!”. The pretty, glowing windows of the houses were lit by dazzling, bright oil lamps and candles.

In the lighthouse, however, things were different. The only light coming from the lighthouse was a fiery, orange candle. The candle illuminated a clumsy, grumpy old man who was writing on one of the papers scattered across his desk. This man was the lighthouse keeper himself. Grumpily, the old, wrinkly man shut his arched, old-fashioned window to block out the sound of the people cheering in the village. “Humph.” he said.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and the light from the lighthouse went out. The people immediately stopped cheering. The man’s window flew open and his candle blew out. The lighthouse keeper sat bolt upright. He got out of his chair and tried to run upstairs, but he tripped over something and fell to the ground. Then he picked up his oil lamp and lit it.

In the orange glow of the lamp, the lighthouse keeper raced up the stairs. Spiralling upwards, the old man rushed up the staircase nervously. The anxious, afraid man saw that the brown, intricate cogs had stopped moving! He ran on upwards until  he saw the light bulb. It was broken. The lighthouse keeper quickly got to work and picked up the lamp, carefully placing his toolbox behind him.

‘CRASH!’. The lighthouse keeper dropped the light bulb after tripping over his toolbox! The bulb smashed into a million tiny pieces. Worried, frightened, ashamed he looked at what he had done. Suddenly, he heard the loud, blaring horn of a ship coming straight toward the rocks! The man looked towards the village in despair.

The old man rushed down the stairs and flung open his door. What he saw made him gasp. All the villagers had come with lanterns to help him! The  ship was saved and the lighthouse keeper smiled at the top of the lighthouse holding a lantern. All of the villagers had brought these lanterns and lamps to make a light that would show the ship the way. The lighthouse keeper was happy at last.

The End.

8 responses to “The Lighthouse. By Ella.

  1. Wow, what a talented writer you are Ella. I was gripped by your story.

  2. What a great story Ella. You found some very descriptive words to use.

  3. Ella – this is a super piece of writing. Some beautiful description and marvellous word choices. I like the way you have changed the ending from the original draft. Great work.

  4. Ella i… can’t belive that you can type brilliant story! i think you need to tell Mr Brown that you need to right more stories than before! :]

  5. I liked your description of the old man!

  6. Thank you for the comments and good words. I liked the ending best in my story.

  7. Kayban and Henry.

    A great story.We really like your sentence types. There are many adjectives which hook me into reading it. :} :].

  8. Wow Ella I think it is a great story and very interesting.You have used lots of different sentences and great adjectives.I think you are a great writer.