The Lighthouse By Erin

Once there was a tatty, old ,cracked lighthouse that sat on a steap , cold and stoney cliff. In the cracked and old lighthouse lived a grumpy old man. Beneath the cliff was the pitch black water crashing against the shocking sharp rocks. the golden eye blinding light shone out of the light house.

Starteled, consurnded, confused when he heard the noise.He ran up the cold spiral stairs as he did that he slipted and fell on his cold and boney bum. The grumpy man kept running till he got to the top. When he got to the top he picked the bulb up and tripped over his tool box. the man smashed the bulb into tiny pieces.

Sudenly the old man saw the people from the town coming towards him.The town people were coming towards him they were holding lanterns. The grumpy old man wasnt a grumpy old man any more he was a happy old man.

6 responses to “The Lighthouse By Erin

  1. Well done Erin – some really good description in your story. I particularly like the way you describe the sea. You didn’t mention the ship though, which would have made the story more exciting.

  2. Wow! You used some great describing words Erin!

  3. Hello Erin,
    One of the best experiences we can have is finding there are others willing to help us when we are need. The grumpy old man found the community helped him when he was most in need. The help changed him.
    Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  4. Wow! Great adjectives Erin. I like that you have put your work into paragraphs.

  5. that is such a wonderful story Erin, if I were a publisher I would publish your work into a story for children.

  6. Thank you Mr Mannell.