The Lighthouse by Henry

In the days of old there was a tall, stone lighthouse.The freezing, icy sea was in a constant battle with the steep, precipitous cliff.There was an old lighthouse keeper who lived in the lighthouse.The bright, flourescent light shone through the dark, murky fog.

The lighthouse was located above some sharp, jagged rocks on a cliff.The towering lighthouse, was above a jolly-jam packed village.The people in the pub always cheered when the the light went past.The  lighthouse keeper was always worried  a ship would crash on the rocks.He was writing a letter, but he kept on getting put off by the villagers cheers.

Suddenly  there was a loud noise and the room was plunged into darkness.Then the window pane swung in and the candle went out.Worried, distressed,  concerned,  he swiftly ran up the spiral staircase to sort out the problem.Just when he was examining the damaged light he heard a honk in the distance.”Honk!Honk!”A ship was heading for the rocks.The lighthouse keeper picked up the light and started to move when he fell over his work box.The light shattered, sending fragments everywhere!The ship was edging closer and closer…

The lighthouse keeper got up and saw the mess.He turned around and ran back  down the  spiral staircase to the door.He yanked open the door and had a shock.All the villagers had came to help him.Coming back to himself, the startled lighthouse  keeper got his lantern  and took the villagers to the lighthouse’s floors.

The ship sailed on, but noticed the light from the villagers lanterns.The lighthouse keeper, who was standing with the villagers, was relieved since the ship hadn’t crashed.He let out a sigh of relief.The ship hand’t crashed.

11 responses to “The Lighthouse by Henry

  1. What a fantastic story Henry. Some stunning vocabulary and I really like the way you have used shorter sentences as well as 3ed, 2a and named person first sentences.

  2. A great effort, Henry

  3. Koby, St Patrick's

    I like your work because it is really imaginative.

  4. I like your work henrey becase it is

  5. hi henry I love your story

  6. This is a very well written story, Henry. You build the tension very well in your story.
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  7. I like your description and the sentences

  8. I really like your essay [story]. It would look neater if you had a space after each sentence.

  9. To Henry
    Good adjectives. You really thought about it. Also i like the punctuation.I love it. Well done

  10. Right,let me just say this was FABULOUS!!! You have fantastic choices of words as well 🙂 🙂