Georgina’s Lighthouse Story

One day there was a tall, stony lighthouse and behind it there was a little village with crooked, old houses in it. The lighthouse was on an enormous, lumpy cliff and in front of the lighthouse where some sharp, jaggered rocks with pointy ends. The gigantic, extensive sea crashed into the rocks.

In the village there where some people cheering when the light came round. The lighthouse keeper got so annoyed when he couldn’t think because he was writing a letter that he slammed the window shut. Suddenly he heared a big bang and the light went out and all the village people said “ARH!” loudly. Then the window flew open and the candle got blew out by the strong wind.

He ran up the spirally stairs puffing and huffing when he got half way he looked carefully at the machine to see what has happened to the light bulb. The lighthouse keeper ran up the ran up the rest of the stairs, when he got to the top he was very tired. The lighthouse keeper opened up the round, little door on the light bulb cover to see what happened. He heard a horn and looked out of the window and saw a huge ship coming his way, so he picked up the light bulb cover and walked backwards and tripped over his tool box that he left behind him and dropped it and in smashed all over the wooden floor.

He ran down the stairs and opened the door, he saw a huge light. It was all the people coming to help with oil lamps in their hands. He felt happy when all the people came to help. So they all climed up the creaky stairs and onto the balcony. Everyone held up their oil lamps and the boat went the right way.

By Georgina

3 responses to “Georgina’s Lighthouse Story

  1. I can see you have chosen your adjectives carefully Georgina and they help describe the scene well. How do you think the old man felt when he saw the ship coming and then when he saw the villagers had come to help him?

  2. Alfie & Georgina

    He felt so happy when he saw the villagers coming that his eyes went very wide!

  3. Wow what a fantastic story on the lighthouse. I love your description. You have used some amazing word chooses. Well done Georgina!!:)