The lighthouse by Michael

Once there was a lighthouse on top of a cliff.  The lighthouse was tall and grey it was a very murky place. The cliff was near a small village. The village had small  buildings. The small, boring village looked up at the tall,stoney lighthouse.

The villagers were all very very jolly ,but the light house keeper was not. the light house keeper was working on his desk and slammed his window shut. Suddenly the light went out , the window opened and the candle went out. The man was about to go up  when he tripped  over his chair.

The man was rushing up the stair cais  like a cheater. It only took a minute to go up  but it must have made his legs ache.He got to the top and was staring at the masive cogs  that turned the light. The old, grumpy man looked at the murky, aged light

The lighthouse keeper dropped the light after he tripped over his tool box . Suddenly the light house keper heard a boat ! The light house keeper was uneasy and started to run down the stairs .  He opened the door  and saw some villagers.The villagers went in the light house and made the boat  turn because of the lanterns.               THE END

4 responses to “The lighthouse by Michael

  1. patricks

    your story is great

  2. You have set the scene very well Michael and chosen some excellent words. I like the simile you used about the cheetah as well. You could have built up the tension a bit when the old man thought the ship was going to crash.

  3. I hope the grumpy old light keeper thanked the very helpful villagers1

  4. I like how you have put the people are very very jolly.