The lighthouse by Lily.

Once upon a time there lived an old man, a very lonely old man! One day he was sitting at his desk writing a letter to the boat sailors.The man lived in a light house and outside his window was a bright, golden light which was twinkling against the dull, misty sky like a light reflecting on a light shade! The man banged his window close because he was trying to concentrate and all the light came past there window. All of a sudden it started to get very dark and the mans candle flattered out. The man walked up the spiral, spinning stairs to see what had happened. The man was feeling very scared…

Shattered, upset, lonely the man was very cross.  The angry, sad man picked  up the dark, flattered light cupboard up, suddenly… The man as the heavy tripped over his rusty, dark tool box and then he accidentally dropped it and the light bulb and the man both fell on the floor and it smashed!The light was no longer a lovely bright shining light it was just a  dirty, smashed piece of work!! Looking through the telescope, he fumed about the broken bulb! Furiuos, unhappy, upset the man saw the boat coming and he got worried and worried and worried the man got very mad!

The man started to  lighten up a bit and also try to be  very brave and said” Im a good man and if there is EVER a problem which is in the light house then i can surely fix it! The man felt very guilty because he had a feeling that the boat will crash right into the light house he tried not to think that though! He was starting to get very shaky, the man left it and then he decided to open the door…. ” WOW, you didn’t have to do this” he shouted, it was the villagers they have got the man all a light bulb to spare for the light house.

Astonished, appreciated, happy the man felt very special! The man realised that they didn’t just do it for him they also made sure that there was light so that the boat won’t crash into the light house . The man said” Oh thank you, i really do appreciate your hard work what do you want me to do for you!” The man stood with all his super friends and they all stood with all there light bulbs for the man .The old man was glad that the villagers were thinking of him!

The end by Lily Broad. I hope you enjoyed it!

8 responses to “The lighthouse by Lily.

  1. i loved your story Lilly it was awsome by Nathan

  2. Great effort Lily. The man certainly had many feelings!

  3. Jessica and Nathan

    Lily this is FAB with amazing disruption and vocabulary which includes great adjectives ! 🙂

  4. Amber & Isobel

    WOW! Lily great re count of the light house story i loved your sentence with the bright, shiny, golden light and the way you described the town ( :

  5. Amber & Isobel

    WOW! Lily great re count of the story i loved the sentence that had the bright, shiny, golden light and the way you described the town. ( :

  6. Wow that was great. i liked the 3ed sentence and the adjectives. well done.

  7. Jessica and Nathan

    Your Welcome!