The lighthouse by William

One cold,wet night there was an old man,who lived in a light house.He lived on a slippy hill,on the edge of a wet cliff.There was a yellow,bright light that went round and round,with lots of dim,grey clouds.

The dark,grey sky moved slowly towards the lighthouse.Next to the tall,long lighthouse,there was a gloomy,spooky town,with crooked,murky roofs.

One day the old,grumpy man was writing a letter,when suddenly the light went out.The moody man got his toolkit and went up the dark spiral stairs.

When the lighthouse keeper got upstairs he looked inside the bulb,then he walked backwards and tripped over his toolbox,the light had broke.Then he saw a ship coming towards him.

The man quickly ran down the spiral stairs and opened the front door of the light house.All the people from town came up the hill carrying lantens in their hands.

Most of the people had seen the light go out,so they came up with lantens.Everybody held up their lantens so the ship could see where it was going.He felt amazed and very gratful.

7 responses to “The lighthouse by William

  1. william well done for typing your story. i love it! 🙂

  2. Great story William, some great word choices. Think carefully about where you put paragraphs.

  3. Alfie & Georgina

    great story william its good

  4. thank you very much. i hope you liked it

  5. Amber & Isobel

    We liked the way you put your ending and your sentence in your second paragraph 🙂

  6. Amber & Isobel

    We liked the way you put your ending and your words in the 2nd paragraph 🙂

  7. A great effort. A nice ending.