My Manchester United tour.


On 8th of June I hat to wake up at nine a clock in the morning to go to a Manchester united tour with my cousin Jess and Holly and their mom and dad and my mom and dad.

On the way me and Jess went in the boot, we were listening to my ipod music.We stopped at the petrol station to get some petrol,my mom got me some star bursts from the little shop.

On the way my iPod went flat, but we listened to the radio, me and Jess were singing and I was really loud. After we were counting how many stobart trucks we could see, my dad got the most he got 4 I got 1.

When we arrived we were given a lanyard which had are tour tickets in them. We had to get to the museum by going up the escalator, it was fun because we didn’t have to walk up the stairs. Me and Jess where so excited, we were the first ones to get there.

we looked round the museum at trophies and memorabilia of players past and present, my mum took lots of photos of me. I liked seeing Rooney’s leg cast and David Beckems GOLDEN, CLEAN BOOTS!

The tour. First we went to go through the door and we sat down and the tour guide told us about the pitch. After we went to the changing room, me and Jess ran to Rooney’s top, I got a picture with his top.

After we went to the tunnel where the players go through onto the pitch. I got chosen to be a leader to go on when we got on the pitch. I got a piece of grass off the pitch,the man told me off.

After we went to the shop, I brought a hat,football,jumper and a picture,and collected my certificate that said I had been on the tour. I couldn’t wait to get back to school to show my friends all my things.

The last thing we did was going to the cafe to have something to eat, I had pizza and chips, it was nice and i sat on Rooney’s number 10 chair.

I enjoyed the day and think we should go on a school trip there.

George D

4 responses to “My Manchester United tour.

  1. It sounds like you had a great day George, you are very lucky to visit Old Trafford. I love the picture of you with the trophies! I think we should go on a school trip to Molineux!

  2. You must of had a great time at the tour.

  3. Brilliant photo and fantastic hat, ball and jumper.

  4. What a great trip. Wouldn’t it be great to meet Beckham!