The lighthouse By Megan

One cold,misty night an old,grumpy man was alone in a lighthouse.This lighthouse was on top of a steep,high,jagered cliff which was next to the sea.That night when the lighthouse light went past,party people were cheering,while they were cheering the old man was writing a letter.

The old man sat alone in the darkness,SUDDENLY there was a big bang. “BANG”The old man looked up and grabbed the lantern and rushed up the stairs to see what was wrong.He looked at a big light bulb and picked it up then he tripped over his tool box and fell over.He smashed the lightbulb.Terrified,scared, frightened he tripped and smashed the lift bulb.

He picked up the lanteren and ran down the stairs to the front door and opened it.While he was doing that he heard the sea crashing smashing against the sharp,jagered rocks.The miserable old man wasn’t grumpy or miserable he was smiling and very happy because all of the villages came up the lanterns.

So now all of the passengers and the staff and the boat drivers were saved.the old man saved the day for the boat people.The old man was so delighted and over joyed. He hoped a day like that would be done again.

He liked saving them people on the ship.The old man was glad the villages helped.Everyone had a smile on there face

The end

By Megan T

6 responses to “The lighthouse By Megan

  1. A grat way to end a story Megan. You have described the setting of the story really well in your first paragraph.

  2. Great effort Megan. Don’t you find choosing which way to spell ‘their/there’ tricky? If you remember ‘here’ is in ‘there’ (which is the place) it might help. :0

  3. Megan, I really like your lighthouse story, but you need to try to not write the same things over again. For example when the old man brakes the light bulb. (Baylee-Rose).

  4. I love your story about the lighthouse also that you put it into paragraphs.Erin and Mia

  5. Great book megan I never knew you were that good at writing story’s! I love the sentence that had SUDDENLY in CAPITAL LETTERS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. great story megan! your use of action words was fantastic!
    I especially enjoyed the ending! Keep up the good work 🙂