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The Lighthouse

Alfie and Will made this brilliant video of their version of ‘The Lighthouse’ animation in our Literacy lessons.

The Lighthouse by Alfie

One night the lighthouse shone,towering on top of the cliff,the lighthouse sucked all dark from the sky.As the bar people cheered,the lighthouse went out.Back inside the lghthouse there was a old wrinklied,old man wearing a grey jacket,black trousers and formal shoes.He was writing a letter to the queen.Then he heard a CLANG,grabed his lantern and ran up the stairs.Startled,alarmed,terified he ran up the stairs.

When he made it to the top he saw the light had gone out.As he looked in it,he heard a ship heading for the rocks.He picked up the bulb,triped over his tools and the bulb smashed.He looked over his shoulder and saw lanterns…

The lovly,kind people came and helped the old man.The man ran down the stairs and opened his door.He let the people up in his lighthouse.The lanterns guided the ship away and they all cheared.

The end by Alfie

The lighthouse by Alfie

One day there was a rocky Light House, and there was a pub, inside the pub were some men and every time the light came past in their direction they cheered.The bright, glowing light was as bright as bright as the steaming, scorching sun.In the Light House the Light House keepers window was open and he heard the men every time, so he slammed the window shut!

The light went out for no random reason, the light of the Light House had gone off.The window flung open and a candle blew out.”Ugh”The light house keeper was shocked he got up out of his chair got his oil lamp and went upstairs.

Meanwhile at the pub the men were confused.”Wheres the light?”Shouted one “Why is the light gone black.”Shouted another “I want the light back.”Shouted the youngest one of them all, they were all confused!!

Back at the Light House the man had noticed the screw broke he looked in the hole and then he heard a horn sound “That ships gonna crash.” The keeper picked up the glass bulb he tripped up on his toolbox and broke the glass.The old man was so sad he could burst.

He ran down his spiral stairs and opened the door “Aah” All the men from the pub had brought lanterns. The next thing you know he was on top of the light house with about 1 thousand lanterns”Phew, that boat was about to crash into the rocks”


The lighthouse by William

One cold,wet night there was an old man,who lived in a light house.He lived on a slippy hill,on the edge of a wet cliff.There was a yellow,bright light that went round and round,with lots of dim,grey clouds.

The dark,grey sky moved slowly towards the lighthouse.Next to the tall,long lighthouse,there was a gloomy,spooky town,with crooked,murky roofs.

One day the old,grumpy man was writing a letter,when suddenly the light went out.The moody man got his toolkit and went up the dark spiral stairs.

When the lighthouse keeper got upstairs he looked inside the bulb,then he walked backwards and tripped over his toolbox,the light had broke.Then he saw a ship coming towards him.

The man quickly ran down the spiral stairs and opened the front door of the light house.All the people from town came up the hill carrying lantens in their hands.

Most of the people had seen the light go out,so they came up with lantens.Everybody held up their lantens so the ship could see where it was going.He felt amazed and very gratful.

Sport’s day:)

On the  Moorfield Field on the 25th of June with the Moorfield students and teachers to keep fit and healthy because we wouldn’t of known what to do, we had sports day!!!

Before we did sports day we had to get all the chairs in the school, we had to get all the cakes in the school, we had to do the flashmob AND the opening ceremony!

The flashmob was about where we did some actions the sports were front crawl, diving, breaststroke, running, football, and boxing ding dig ding!!We did it 2 times the 2nd one was where we had to move into the olympic rings.

ks1 went first and they did brilliant they were really good.Next it was our turn!Ihad to do 7 races, some people were really funny in the dress up race they couldn’t get their clothes on:b

the most funny part was seeing all the people trying to get their clothes on especially Alfie H getting his clothes on

emerald were good but they came last. alfie who was doing the realay was VERY  fast.tired, exhausted, drenched Alfie crossed the finish line

Sunny sports day

On the 25th of june Moorfield primary school,Newport Shropsire in Welligton Road we had sports day.We had sports day because every year we celebrate peoples talant.There was 280 children who toke part in this sports day. Sport day takes part once a year.

Before we started the races we got into our colour house and to do a flash mob. A flash mob is when you do a little dance.

The races were sack race,bean bag race,three leged race,sprint,hurdles,dressing up and the relay.Key stage 1 went first.

After that we started the races. I was in the bean bag race,dressing up and relay race.I liked it all because when you did a race everyone cheered for you.

What I have learned is that it does not matter if you don’t win,it is just a race.


My Olympic Board Game!!

2 Weeks ago we started to do an Olympic Board game. In my group there was Poppy, Kathryn and me.I thought we should do a Wenlock and Mandival zoom to the games!!!There were two counters wenlock and mandival and there were spaces saying red was go back 1\2 spaces and the blue were go forward one\three spaces and go side ways 2 spaces.Say if u got a 4 you could move sideways or forwards NOT diagonal or backwards. when you have finished it will say Wembley stadium London.

By Alfie

Brilliant British Breaker

Alfie and Amy wrote and presented this super video biography of Lord Sebastian Coe.
We’d love to know what you think about it!

William’s 100WC wk29

One sunny day i went to Warwick CASTLE with my mum and dad.First of all we went to the MARVEVELLOUS adventure playground,second of all we looked inside the castle itself which had old pictures and waxworks.
There was a chapel,state dining room,great hall,red drawing room,green drawing room,cedar drawing room,Queen Annes bedroom and blue boudoir.
There were hawks that FLEW NOISILY for the entertainment of the crowds.There was part of the castle for girls and jousting for everyone.I also saw a waxwork of a lady in a lovely PINK and white dress.

Alfie’s 100 WC wk29

One day there lived a pink lady bird it was a really Rae one.They were found in the forest near Africa.They flew noisily over castles.One day the pink lady bird flew over a marvellous castle it had lovely decorations it had lights,carpets,statues and a great building area.He flew and flew and flew and flew until he reached his tree it had pink apples on it and yellow oranges.He sure a ladybird guarding it so he asked him “what happens if you take a small bite out of one of the apples” “I dont no” so the ladybird flew off to his nest
The end