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Our Olympic Board Game

At school I did a  olympic board game it was really good. I did it with Ben. It is a bit like Monoply and pictionary. It is called London Olimpics. You have too get a thousand pouns to win. You start off with a hundred pouns and you get twenty once  you go round the  board. There are also boostes because if you land on a surton place you might get extra. you move by drawring pictures only if you do it before they have drawn if the picture is fully drawn.

My Cat Jumped In The TOILET!!!!

Last Tuesday my cat (Sebastian) jumped in the toilet for some bizarre reason. I thought he needed the toilet!!! You may be thinking how he did this, he did this by thinking the toilet seat was down and jumped onto it.(in it). Me and my mom laughed our heads off. I even fell on the floor!!! Then Seb (Sebastian) jumped back out of the toilet and ran downstairs to go outside and dry. For the rest of the day I laughed!!!

By Jorge and Ben!:D

bob on the move!!

I have made lots & lots of animations ( when i made this post it was the past:D. If not 2012:}) on my ipod and add music on imovie. I  love making animations, adding stuff to it. At the moment i am making a lego batman one!!!!!!!!

Olympic animations


This afternoon two groups have been busy making their Olympic animations using I can animate. We added sound and titles using iMovie. Let us know what you think of the finished video!


Ben’s Olympic stadium

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I made an olympic stadium it took me from the 17th to the 20th. It was hard work but I did it :D. I made it out of lego ;). I enjoyed  makeing it. 😛

I made it for the animation we will do.

By Ben 🙂