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Blue Peters Big Olympic Tour

On the 30.6.12 me my auntie and my sister went to Wolverhampton to see Blue Peters Big Olympic Tour. When we got there was a massive Que. When we got in we went over to a big tent were the start of the programe then they had a celebrity challenge with Joe Squash the challenge was cycling then they showed a Horrible Histories movie Pitch of the modern Olympics. I also got a sighed car d from Helen and Barney.

By Nathan


The Lighthouse Storyboards


Mr Brown’s Literacy group have been really busy making these comic book storyboards based on an animation called ‘The Lighthouse’, we used Comic Life to make them.

Flipsnack only displays the first 3 on our website, there are 8 fantastic storyboards here.

Many thanks to Mr Smith at the Literacy Shed for the inspiration.

Euro Finals

On the first of July it was the european championship finals between Spain and Italy, the score was 4-0 to Spain. Although Spain won they were technically Europe’s best because they were world champions 2010. The host countries were Ukraine and Poland the stadium was in Ukraine. England were very good and managed to get into the Quarter Finals.

Linking hands animation

This is the second of our Olympic animations from Justin, Georgina, Nathan and Jorge. We’d love to know what you think about it!

Linford Lightning

Nathan and Lily made this fabulous video biography about the famous British Sprinter Linford Christie. Let them know what you think about it!

Nathan’s 100 WC wk29

One day I was walking through a forest and suddenly a  Marvellous bird flew to the ground then I found my myself sitting on it then it took of again it flew all around the world from the top of the Eifel tower to the bottem of the Grand canneon.  Eventually we came to a castle a man walked noisily up to me he was dressed in bright pink top and dark blue trousers he said we have an enemy castle we want you to go and get rid of their king, but then it all disapeard it was over.

OOOOO La la Paris Trip!

On the 9th of April I went to Paris First we had to travel to London and when we got there we dropped of our stuff at travel lodge and then we crossed the millennium bridge over to St.Pauls cathedral after we had a look around we went back to our Hotel in the morning we went to St. Pancras and took Eurostar to Paris The Chanel tunnel takes 20 minutes to get through, but Paris is near the middle of france, so it took a bit longer. On the First day we did a mighty long walk up the hill that Sacre Cour is on when we finally got to the top we found there was a lift! Sacre Cour means Sacred Love. On the second day we went to the Eifel Tower I went to the top then we went on a boat trip to the Notre Dame After we went back on the boat to the Louvre where we saw the Mona Lisa then we went home.


Year 3/4 Newsroom!

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Today, Base 3 was turned into a newsroom. The reporting team are working to their deadline of Wedsnesday, whilst the Editorial team with Mrs Holmes were busy checking and proof reading their articles.

Mrs Holmes and her team chose the 4 articles that had achieved most from the success criteria to be published on the blog. So here they are:


Egyptian book 3